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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Craft Fair Prep = Intense

The past week has been a little crazy with craft fair preparations. As I mentioned last week, I had to take a surprise trip to Michigan, which interrupted my crafting schedule. After that, I hosted a bachelorette weekend for my friend, Lizz, who is getting married in September. 

So Sunday afternoon, I was ready to get back in the studio, and came up with two new products: a cuff-style bracelet, and some fascinator headbands. 

bracelet factory!
Bracelets in progress

My sister, Meghan, is coming to Chicago tomorrow to help me out. She is a wonderful photographer, so better pictures are to come, but in the mean time, I thought I'd share some peeks at what my desk looks like. A bit trashed, but for good reason - bracelet making!

new headband design on my creepy model

And here's one of my headband designs on my awesome model. She looks good, right? I actually think that glass head is really creepy, but maybe the sunglasses help the creep factor? Or do they add to it?

Side note: sometimes I actually wear that wig. Yup. 

Chris working on the chalboard

Chris built me an easel to display all my mounted plaques and embroideries, and I painted it with chalkboard paint. I think once everything is hung up, it will look really cute. 

Finished chalkboard!

So things are looking good! Once again, the craft fair - Custer's Last Stand Festival - is this Saturday and Sunday in Evanston, so if anyone is in the area and wants to come say "Hi," I'd love to see you!

Ps. Thank you to everyone who has left me comments over the past two weeks - due to a crazy schedule, I haven't responded, but please know they are appreciated! You guys are the best!


  1. CUUUTE! both items are adorable! cant wait to see what the display looks like with everything on it :) thank you so much for coming out! it really meant a lot to me... sorry i didnt get to spend more time with you! xoxo youre amazing. love you!

  2. Love you too, Randi! I would NOT have missed it. :)


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