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Friday, June 24, 2011

Something New: Felt & Fabric Brooches

Ok, this is my last round of beautiful photographs of my work - I swear! (All beautiful photos by Meghan Canavan)

I decided to change the design for my heart brooches. I added vintage fabric to a felt heart, and then hand embroidered the whole thing, adding cute buttons along the way. The effect is very summery.

This yellow one is my favorite:

my favorite heart brooch

more new heart brooches

After making the hearts, I thought circles would be cute. They look like girl scout badges, right?

new circle brooches

Have a great weekend - hope your weather is better than our's in Chicago (cold-ish but still humid)!


  1. Those are really, really cute. Love them!

  2. So darn cute! I don't have the patience for piecework like that, my kudos to you!

  3. Oh my goodness! They are so lovely :)

  4. I *love* the pretty, vibrant fabrics you used for these! Nice work! xo


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