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Monday, April 16, 2012

Finishing School is here!

Finishing School Back Collar

My very first pattern, Finishing School, is here! 

Along with the rest of the fabulous designs from the first issue of Holla Knits.

Finishing School Front

Finishing School is a classic sleeveless sweater with an eye for detail. The sweater is designed to fit closely with gentle shaping around the waist, a curved hem and a sporty sailor collar. If you are scared of finishing, this sweater is for you, guiding you through each finishing technique before you can move on to knitting the next section of the sweater.

Finishing School Hem

This sweater is designed to fit snugly with no ease. If you’d like the sweater to fit a bit looser, knit one size up. The construction is unique: You begin knitting at the front hem, then knit the collar separately and seam to the front. After knitting the collar, the back is picked up from the square edge and knit from the top down to the hem. While the hem stitches are live, the sides are seamed and then, finally, the bottom edge is picked up along the front and continued onto the live stitches to create a neat seamed hem.

Finishing School Sailor Collar

The pattern is $6, and available for download here. Or you can just click the handy button on my left sidebar! 


  1. I want that! I want to learn to knit and knit that! Sigh.... Sometime soon. Knitting class in may!

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  4. I love this so much! The construction sounds quite clever.


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