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Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Tale of Two Socks... a story of failure

Oh, socks, how you continue to be my nemesis

not matching

These socks don't look too bad, right? Wrong. 

one sock longer than the other

I started knitting the left sock last October, using dpn's, and they perfectly fit my foot. But, that was too slow for me, so I invested in a tiny circular needle, and finished the leg of the left sock at a quicker pace. Two weeks ago, I decided to take a break from the mini mittens and finally knit the second sock, also using the tiny circ. 


Guess what. My tension and gauge are totally different on the tiny circ, and I ended up with one sock that is about an inch and a half longer than the other. ....yup, sock knitting continues to illude me. 


  1. So sorry about that! I once knit a sock then a month or so later knit the second sock on the same needles and had to rip them down. The gauge was just off because of the time that passed! Better luck next time!

    1. Thanks, Susie! This time I'm knitting two at a time!

  2. That happens to me all the time with socks! So, I don't really knit socks very often anymore...
    Unfortunately, this can also happen with sleeves - I think I'll tackle sleeves two-at-a-time in the future :)

    1. Yup, I'm thinking of giving it up, but then I look at the 4-pairs-worth of sock yarn that I have, and think "wouldn't I rather have 4 pairs of SOCKS?!" Hahaha.

      And I'm big on knitting sleeves two-at-a-time! Makes everything nice and symmetrical!


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