Thursday, October 20, 2011

the finished Aidez cardigan!

Aidez is finished! 

aidez front
Pattern here

I cast off a week and a half ago, and seamed it up last weekend. Kind of a bitch to seam, but I love the finished look! I've been busy doing some freelance costume stitching, so these pictures were taken in the early hours before heading to work, when it was definitely cold enough to wear this wooly sweater. 

aidez back

I love the finished sweater, knit in Cascade Eco Wool. I made no changes to the pattern and knit a size Large. My gauge came in a little skinny, and my measurements fell between the Medium size and Large size, so I went with the bigger size. Total success. 

from the side!

I love all those cables - am I the only one who finds cables totally addicting? The only problem I have with this sweater is the lack of closure. I wore it all day on Monday and ended it up pinning it closed with safety pins while I was working. I think I'll be knitting a little belt, so I don't have to wear it like this: 

how i really wear it

Want to knit one of your own? You're in luck - the Sweatshop of Love is hosting a knit-along for this sweater, and they just cast on!


  1. Hmmmm - you could pick up a button band, or insert some snaps (assuming you have that fancy machine that makes snaps)

  2. I think this sort of cardigan would look really good with a zipper. It means you get an even tension over the cables and it doesn't pull like snappers or buttons can do.

    Its gorgeous though, I love cables too, I may be tempted to cast this one on.

  3. I love this cardigan :) You did a great job. Where did the pattern come from?

  4. So cute, and looks very cozy! Great job! :) I can't wait to see it in person. The color looks a little different in these pics.

  5. Pretty pretty! And I get totally addicted to cables. Once I start I can't stop!

    Love your FO. Cook up a belt and let me know what you did for it - I'm thinking of adding a belt option in week 8 of the KAL!

  6. The sweater was meant to have a buttonband but I was not going to have it ready in time to shoot so Norah, my former boss, came up with the brilliant idea of extending the fronts and joining them in the back!

    I know Stephen West added buttonloops to his, very easy add-on, but I like your belt idea too. It looks great on you :D

  7. your Aidez turned out perfectly!! I was just wearing mine yesterday, it's my favourite winter sweater, for sure.

  8. you are literally the coolest.


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