Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Crochet Beach Bag, Finished!

Crochet Beach Bag

Oh, just a photo of the crochet Beach Bag that took me waaay too long to finish. I started it as part of Alycia's crochet along for JUNE. Yes, June. But I've finished it, photographed it, and posted it to this blog, and I think that's what counts, right?

The white yarn is some Sugar & Cream, and the cream is leftover from my favorite summer sweater. I initially planned to ombre dye the whole thing, but then when it was finished I really liked the subtle color blocking. So I'm leaving it as-is for the moment, and when it gets nice and dirty, I'll stick the whole thing in a dye bath as planned. 

Crochet Bag Closeup

This means I get to cross off another one of my summer goals, and since it was 100 degrees yesterday, I say I still have time to complete the remaining goals. After all, crossing things off lists is one of my greatest pleasures in life! 


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