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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

catching up on crafty things

This weekend we had a lot of rain and thunderstorms in Chicago. Less-than-perfect weather for going out on the town, but completely perfect weather for getting a lot done in doors.

I'll admit it - I have a huge pile of projects on my sewing table that are "to do." Most of them are just small mending projects - taking up a hem or adding darts - but some of them have been sitting there for a loooong time. I'm going to show you the one that has been sitting the longest tomorrow, but today, just a few snapshots of what I did this weekend:
A little something for CP, blocking on my sewing table. At this point the rest of the projects were in a pile on the floor.... whoops!
A tiny little embellishment on one of my favorite totes. I got this bag at Top Shop awhile ago and I use it for groceries, gym clothes, etc. Now it's just a little bit more special!


  1. what is it! it looks live a vest. and i like the pink hair on the horse, thinkin' bout doin that to my dog.

  2. Love the embroidery on the horse. I was just scanning your blog, and my son (3) is sitting next to me, and he says out of nowhere, "I like the pink horse. The pink horse is my favorite." So, well done.

  3. Anna, that's so cute! I am very happy to have won his approval.


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