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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Night Blog

Here I am, late Sunday night blogger. This weekend really felt like the first weekend of summer. My theater company did a little staged reading on Saturday night, which went really well.
Chris and I at the after party

Then today I hit the beach with some friends. I must say, one of my favorite things about living in Chicago is the miles of beach on Lake Michigan, but I do not take advantage of it like I should. Every summer I find myself saying "I have to go to the beach more often!" Today was gorgeous, if a bit windy.
Gwen at the beach, look at that blue sky!

Now I'm finishing up the night with a Mango & Creme ice cream bar from Trader Joes (delicious!) and some sewing.
Hancock Fabrics had a huge sale this weekend, where I found this plaid linen fabric half off. It's perfect for the Parfait pattern from Colette Patterns that I've been holding onto forever. Today I cut out all the fabric and interfacing. I'm hoping to get this done by the end of the month to submit to Sew Mama, Sew's "Make It, Wear It!" contest. Mere days left, but I think I can do it!


  1. Oh man- you make me miss Chicago so much! Last summer I started going to the beach once a week and I never regretted it. Do yourself a favor and make it a priority!

  2. I too hardly ever hit the beach and I freaking live on it. However, since getting a bicycle in May, I have been doing a better job of at least using the lake path.


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