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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Music of the Month - Janelle Monae

I've decided to start a little blog feature where I discuss my current favorite music!

This month, it's Janelle Monae.
If you don't know about her yet, she is totally amazing. She recently debuted her second album, The Archandroid, a dancy, sci-fi-filled disc that I cannot stop listening to.

That's the album's single, Tightrope. It caught me instantly, but doesn't truly do the album justice. Along with Monae's first album, Metropolis, The ArchAndroid is inspired by the film Metropolis, and sci-fi nerdiness in general. As Monae says, she "dreams in science fiction." Some of the tracks sound like old silent film music, which I love, and then some of them are slower and more pensive. Overall, she perfectly blends different styles to make a cohesive and interesting album.

She has a few guests on the album, including of Montreal, one of my favorite bands of all time. She was interviewed at NPR, here, and made some interesting points about fame and achieving it. Also - nerd points for the many references to scifi books and movies in the album.

Plus, she has awesome hair.


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