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Monday, April 18, 2011

giving socks another chance

Back in January I planned out my selfish knitting. I knit a Beatnik and Bella's Mittens, and the final item on that list was a Knit Picks sock kit.

finished socks

I asked for the kit for Christmas because I'm not really a sock knitter. I know some might consider that knitting sacrilege, but I'm just not that into it

But I wanted to give socks another try. Because knitting socks seems very useful, and portable, and non-seasonal. The kit has enough yarn for five pairs of socks, and here's the first.

navy blue socks

They're too short, but other than that, successful. I knit them from the top down, and I'm going to knit the next pair from the bottom up and go until I use an entire ball of yarn. 

And how great are those shoes? I got them on sale at the end of last summer and - lucky me! - they're still hip this year. Now if only there wasn't snow on the ground, I'd be able to wear them. 


  1. I think your socks are adorable.
    I recently finished my first sock. It's the plainest sock ever, but I'm proud of it. Sock #2 on the other hand is... special. I like your idea of knitting a sock from a whole ball of yarn though. May have to try that one day.

  2. So lovely! I'm totally digging the blue socks with the tan shoes. Super cute! xo

  3. The socks look great - I love the color! The shoes are very cute!

    I'm knitting a pair of socks now and I made the leg shorter than usual. Wool socks are quite warm and I'm hoping the shorter leg means I can wear this pair in the spring.

  4. Your socks look adorable with those clogs!

  5. i don't think they are too short! AND i love your socks paired with the clogs. this is such a good idea. most of my knit socks are a bit too think to wear with heels, and i don't wear them with tennis shoes. clogs are perfect!

  6. Thanks, everyone! I think y'all have convinced me that short = good!

  7. Very nicer socks. It'll be interesting to hear what you think of toe-ups.

  8. I love the shoes and of course the socks too.


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