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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

planning my selfish knitting

So after I catch up on my Christmas knitting, I have a few selfish projects in mind.

bella's mittens

First up, a pair of Bella's Mittens, knit from subliminalrabbit's pattern. When I pulled out all my long gloves in December, they were completely worn through, and they had already been mended and then worn through the mending! So if you ask me, it's time for new ones. I bought some bulky Lamb's Pride for these in Denver, so I'm ready to roll.

Next, a Beatnik.

This was my very favorite pattern from Knitty. Honestly, I haven't really been inspired to knit any of their patterns in a long time, but this one is perfect. Challenging but hip with a great neckline. And then Allyson from The Sweatshop of Love announced that she was doing a knit-along... I'm in, albeit I'll be casting on a little late. They started Monday, but I'll probably join in two weeks or so. I have faith I can catch up!

And lastly, I got a Sock Cocktail Kit for Christmas. Don't stone me here, but I don't really like to knit socks. But this winter, all that will change. Or I'll have a lot of left-over sock yarn. 


  1. Beatnik has been on my list of things to knit. I don't think I'll be able to get to it for awhile so I'm kind of excited to see how yours happen.

  2. I know you can catch up, too! Though, I'm into the cable pattern now and it's AMAZING! You are in for a huge treat!

  3. oh! those gloves look sooo warm! i wish i could knit :x

  4. How had I not noticed Beatnik before??? Thank you!

  5. Fridica - glad I could introduce you! You should peek in on the knit-along, if not join!


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