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Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Resolutions

So I wasn't going to do a list of resolutions, because I think they're kinda silly. Because people don't hold on to them past January, or make the same resolutions year after year, without actually changing anything.

These succulents felt New Years-y for some reason...

But then I realized that I have been making little goals for myself for the next year. I suppose you can't fight the reflection that the end of the year brings. So I started writing things down, and before I knew it, I had a whole list. So I'll call them resolutions, or goals, and put them out in the world.

Happy New Year! New Year's Breakfast
Chris & I on NYE, Chris made a fancy New Years brunch

1. Lose 30lbs before I turn 30 years. Yup, this year I turn 30 in September. I'm not dreading this in the slightest, except that I know that it will only get harder to lose weight and get fit from here on out. By the way, this goal started as "Lose 25lbs," but then my sister and I were chatting about it, and she said, "Too bad it's not 30, that would sound better!" And I said, "Well, I've probably gained 5lbs over Christmas..." Hahah...

2. Get a commercial agent by April. I've been in LA for a year, now, and although I've done some great stuff, I'll need an agent to take things to the next level. So this is my first concrete career goal of the year.

3. More reading, more music, more sewing. How to put this one into a simple sentence? This year I did less of these three things (I only read 9 books!) than ever before. Clearly, I have a lot of hobbies, and I think they help me relax. So this year, more of relaxing though hobbies.

4. De-stash. I have a lot of craft supplies, and live in a tiny apartment. So no buying anything new - this year I'll use up the stuff I have. This also includes listing things on etsy that are sitting around (a lot of felt curios and brooches).

5. Re-design Blog. It's been almost two years since my sister designed the awesome header up there. So yeah, time for something new.

6. Write on the blog. It's so easy to post pictures of projects and call it a blog post, right? And sometimes that's just what you want, but to be honest, I don't feel like this blog has been a very true representation of my personality lately. Movies and TV are also a huge part of my life that I almost never share on here. So not all the time, but sometimes, I'll write more, about more subjects.

7. Buy less, be more creative with what I have. I have a lot of clothes, a lot of shoes, a lot of stuff. So this year, I'll be more creative with the things I have, and get rid of the things I don't like to use.

8. Learn to use my DSLR. Ok, so I'm not, like, a novice. But there's a lot more to learn on my fancy-ass camera, and this year I'm finally going to learn. There's even a video function!

9. Roast a chicken. This is my cooking goal for this year. Chris does most of the cooking around here, but I like to get in the kitchen once in awhile, and this year I'm going to roast a chicken, whole. Because I love roast chicken.

10. Host a monthly craft night. I spent 2012 telling my crafty friends that I was going to host a craft night. Time to make good on that promise. If you're crafty in SoCal, let me know so I can add you to the list!

You might notice that none of my goals are about knitting, travel, etsy, designing, and such. I don't really feel the need to make concrete goals for those things - I know they will just happen!

Thanks, friends, for reading. I hope you've had a lovely New Year, and I'm so thankful that you've stuck around for another year. I look forward to another year of friendship!


  1. These sound like great goals! You should get yourself a
    Chick-can rack...they make roasting a chicken very easy!

  2. My favorite recipe for roast chicken:

    1. Thanks! Looks super easy! I think I can cross this one off my list quickly, right?

  3. Roasting a chicken is SUPER easy! I do one every month, and eat the leftovers all week. I'm sure you'll like it :)

    1. You are my hero. That's exactly what I want to do.

  4. I agree with the other posters about the roast chicken - super easy. You'll wonder why you haven't tried it before.
    I love your goals for the year - I'm still trying to set some reasonable ones for myself. And, you're right about losing weight after 30. It really does get harder - something changes with metabolism, and it sucks.

    1. I didn't worry about reasonable this year - hah! We shall see how many I actually accomplish.

      Thanks for your words of encouragement! Hopefully I can both eat chicken and then lose weight. Those two go hand in hand, right?

  5. Your goals are so great, especially hosting a monthly craft night! That sounds so fun, and a great way to relax AND hang out!

  6. Fantastic resolutions! On a side note: there are so many designers who have just turned/are about to turn 30, and who have birthdays in September, I'm beginning to think there was something going on in January of '82 and '83!

  7. Great goals! A tip for buying less and using what you have. I am one of those people with an overflowing closet but every morning I feel like I have nothing to wear. I read a tip online about turning all of your hangers around, and then as you wear a piece of clothing you can turn the hanger back around the right way. That way you see which pieces you wear all the time, and maybe wear something you haven't worn in awhile. It also made it really easy for me to pick out which pieces to take the consignment store.


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