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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Tri-Color Multiplicity

Yay, I can post pictures of all my holiday gift knitting! Hope you enjoy, and leave links to your holiday projects in the comments for me to look at, too! 


Gifted To: Sharriese, my friend in Chicago and roommate in college. As soon as I started knitting it, I knew it would go to her - the colors just scream "Sharriese." Plus she texted me that she cried when she opened the package, and if that's not a sign that she deserved it, I don't know what is!

Multiplicity 4

PatternMultiplicity from Holla Knits Accessories, by Allyson Dykhuizen

Yarn: This pattern is wonderful for stash busting! It calls for DK, but I didn't have enough of any two colors of DK weight, so I turned to worsted. I picked a skein of Wool-Ease in Grey Heather and a skein of Full O' Sheep in Mediterranean.

But then about halfway through, I got worried that I was going to run out of yarn before I finished, and I thought about doing the striped gusset in coordinating colors. I picked out leftovers from Honors Geometry, but ended up just using a small ball (less than a quarter skien) of Sheep(ish) in Lime(ish) striped with the grey. I also used the Lime yarn to whip stitch the pocket together. I absolutely LOVED these three colors together!

Needles: I went up to a size 8 to match the change in yarn weight.

Strap: A coordinating strap from Homestead Heirlooms, LLC in "Split Pea."

Modifications: Other than shifting the gauge to match the yarn, I made no changes in the pattern as written. But, I did re-enforce the side seams of the bag with my sewing machine, because I wanted to make sure it would stand up to every day purse-like use. 

So I sewed everything together by hand, as Allyson designed, and then went over it again with the machine. I definitely recommend doing both if you're going to use the machine. Machine sewing + hand knitting can get really icky, fast. 

Multiplicity 2 

I love the way this one turned out, and I really loved using up stash yarn. This could definitely be done with two of your standard worsted-weight skeins. You know, the kind you buy when walking through Joann's without a plan (always a bad idea). 

Allyson and I were joking that since I didn't have any DK yarn, I shouldn't go up in weight, but down. So a Mini-Multiplicity made with sock yarn and size 2 needles is now officially on my "To Knit" list. Because I'm a crazy person who wants to double knit on size 2's. 


  1. Oh, wow, this is so cool! I love that Sharriese loved it so much! That's awesome!

    But girl-- I could happily go the rest of my life without knitting on size 2's! :)

  2. This purse is adorable! It makes me want a knitty friend to make things for me :)

  3. You knitted that?! It's amazing!! I want to make one! I should probably learn how to knit first, though...

  4. Thanks! And yup, knowing how to knit is essential ;)


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