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Thursday, January 24, 2013

How to Host a Crafternoon

After reading all your comments on my New Years Resolution post, I thought the first item I'd check off the list was to Roast a Chicken. You guys make it sound so easy!

But nope, apparently that wasn't ambitious enough for me, so I decided to plow full-steam-ahead into my very first Craft Night gathering. Which turned into a Crafternoon.


And now, you can recreate this crafty gathering at home:

Step 1: Assemble some crafty friends. I used a Facebook group for communicative purposes and we found a time to assemble. Not a "Craft Night," my friends, but a Sunday afternoon.

Step 2: Mimosas and baked goods. It's Sunday afternoon and you're crafting! What further reason do you need for libations and pastries? 

Stacia's Crafternoon

Step 3: Have everyone BYOCraft. We had a lot of fun working on our own individual crafty projects and checking in with each other for inspiration. We had knitting, painting, embroidery and valentine-making.

Robin. Tunney's. Wig.

Step 4: Put on a Crafty Movie. We went with a classic - "The Craft" - which I own on VHS. Yes, I am one of the few holding on to my VHS player, since it's attached to our TV. And yes, I can't resist pointing out how terrible Robin Tunney's wig is in this movie (why is it always blowing in the breeze?). 

Man Socks
I worked on this pair of man socks for Chris

Step 5: Make new friends. Have your crafty group bring their crafty friends! It was fun bringing ladies together in the name of craft. 


  1. OMG I love The Craft. I am jealous that you own it on VHS :) I have been thinking of having a crafternoon. Mimosas would make it even more fun, I think.

    1. Definitely go for the mimosas! And I found that VHS at a thrift store - just keep your eye open!

  2. How fun! I've got to try this! Now, girl, go roast yourself a chicken! I mean, for real, just do it! Now you've got me thinking about chicken....

    1. Hhahaha, ok! This will be my goal for this week - chicken. Mmmmm....


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