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Monday, January 14, 2013

Felt Desserts (Perfect if you're on a diet!)

Yay, I can post pictures of all my holiday gift knitting (and sewing)! Hope you enjoy, and leave links to your holiday projects in the comments for me to look at, too! 

Felt Ice Cream

Gifted To: My niece, Emlyn, and Chris' nephew, Josh. Once I came up with the idea for Ellie, I made a double batch so Josh could have some, too! 

Pattern: My own - inspired by many others around the interwebs. 

Yum! Felt Donuts

I was at a loss this year, trying to figure out a gift for my two and half year old niece. And then my sister gave me a big clue, "Ellie loves dessert!"

With that directive, I took off running. It's been awhile since I made play food, but it's always fun to figure out how to best represent one's favorite foods with felt. I knew I wanted to make her some ice cream - so the ice cream cone came first. Then I added in some Oreos, since they're easy to make up in large batches. 

But those donuts - oh man - they are my favorite of the three desserts. I want to eat them, they look so good! But they were a bitch to sew (each one completely by hand), and I stayed up way past my bed time to get them done. 

Felt Dessert!

Chris totally wanted to keep one for himself. 


  1. those are soooo cute! and they look so yummy =)

    1. Thanks! They are a bit hairy, but pretty delicious. ;)

  2. Love these! They are so cute. I bet those kids were thrilled with their presents :)

    1. Thanks, Christine! They totally loved them, and definitely tried to lick them.

  3. did you hand stitch the cris-cross pattern on the ice cream cone? Amazing!! you are so good.

    1. Nope, that was machine-stitched! And thanks ;)


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