Wednesday, February 10, 2010


After seeing them all over the interwebs, I recently purchased a Fuji Instax Mini Camera.
I looooove it! For those of you who do not know, it takes small instant photos. Like a polaroid, but wallet-sized. They are from Japan, but can easily be found on the web. I bought mine off ebay, and it came with 10 packs of film (10 pics each). I used it to take pictures of the cast of my current show, Johnny Ten Bones.

I decided to use these photos to make them personalized valentines! Ok, if you are in the show and reading this, act surprised on Sunday!
It's an easy project that you can do, too.

Step 1: Take pictures. Of you, your kiddies, your bf/gf, etc

Step 2: Scan the pictures into the computer and print out on regular ole computer paper. You could try to use the actual photo, but it would be really hard to sew through.

Assemble tools: Card stock (I used Mat Stack), rubber cement, paper print-outs of the pictures, thread and stamps.
Step 3: Use the rubber cement to paste the picture print-outs to the card stock. Let this dry.
Step 4: Cut out a heart shape, making sure to cut through both layers. If you are unsure about free-handing it, draw one on scrap paper first and use it as a template.
Step 5: Use your favorite stamps to dress 'em up a bit. I used my trusty "Birds & Nests" stamp set and stamped on both the front and the back.
Step 6: Use thick embroidery thread to stitch around the outside of the card. Where the photo print-out touches the edge, stitch through all layers. I did a blanket stitch, but you could do any sort of decorative stitch or just a whip stitch.
Step 7: Write a cute message and you are done!


  1. What an awesome idea!!! I will keep it secret from the cast.

  2. these are super adorable. maybe i will make valentines today. seeing as we are on snow day #4385075.


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