Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bella's Mittens = cozy.

I've been going to town on my selfish knitting

some mitten modeling

Check out my modeling skills with Bella's Mittens. I knit these mid-way through Mary Lou's Christmas Cardi (I needed a breather), and I am sooo happy with them. 

close upppp

They knit up fast with Lamb's Pride Bulky and they're the perfect thing to wear with vintage coats. Those "bracelet length" sleeves can leave a wrist out in the cold if your mittens aren't long enough!


  1. They're lovely and look perfect for drafty winter days. I wish I was good at crafts like knitting, I unfortunately don't have the patience.

  2. Wow - they are beautiful! You are super talented:)

  3. aw those are so adorable!



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