Monday, February 21, 2011

looong weekend

We took off early last Thursday and had a long weekend at home in Michigan, heading back to Chicago yesterday just in time to avoid most of the blizzard that hit Michigan. 

My cousin got married on Saturday, and a large amount of my huge extended family was there (my dad has 3 brothers and 4 sisters - makes for a lot of cousins). Funny thing - my cousin who got married is named Christopher and he got married to a Katie, and they are the same age as us! 

So, here's Chris & Katie, the not-married:

at my cousin's wedding

I always find it difficult to dress for winter weddings, so I've worn this dress to two. It's a vintage dress I found in terrible condition - ripped and broken zipper - and I repaired it and love it now. I am such a fan of the sheer neckline.

I have today off for Presidents day and took a ton of pictures of all the crafty work I've been doing lately, so stay tuned!


  1. I LOVE that dress. I have a purple taffeta one of similar style (but no fabulous sheer neckline just sort of a tank style) that is my go to for winter/fall dressy events. But you two looked lovely!

  2. You look stunning in that dress.

  3. you guys are adorable and that dress is amazing on you!

  4. Hi there, I can't remember if I ever introduced myself... my name is Leilani and I'm a fellow vintage enthusiast based in Chicago. You can find my blog here: and I'll be liking to yours soon!

    Love the red dress on you, is the belt vintage too? I can imagine this being a great holiday or Valentine's dress, very versatile!

  5. oh my goodness! you both look wonderful but your boobs are like truly amazing in that dress!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Randi - Hahah! You crack me up. And yes. Major boob-age.


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