Tuesday, February 22, 2011

this dumb Christmas sweater is finally finished...

Ok, I admit it: I made a mistake.

When my great aunt Mary Lou asked me to knit her a cardigan for Christmas on size 5 needles, I should have said no. But I thought to myself "I knit a lot of stuff last year, and I was fine!" ... I also started earlier last year and was much less busy, but I chose to ignore those important factors in favor of proving my knitting prowess ONCE AND FOR ALL ... to no one.

Cranberry Cardi

I sewed the buttons on last week and finally finished. I am so so happy to be finished. Nothing has hung over my life like dark cloud as much as this cardigan has.

Mary Lou requested this specific pattern - Season-Spanning Cardi from Knit Picks. I ordered the pattern and yarn as a kit with Knit Picks Shine yarn. I really liked the yarn - a great cotton blend if you're in the market - but I did not like anything else about this project.

The feather and fan part was knit in the round and took for.ev.er. After that the body with the eyelet pattern moved quickly, but there was an error in the pattern, so I had to track down the errata on the Knit Picks website. I know, it happens, but it's extra annoying when you just want to be done.

Cranberry Cardi

It's on its way to Mary Lou now, and bless her heart, she understood that it might be a little late. A mere two months late! That's a drop in the bucket, in the grand scheme of things! I hope it fits. 


  1. Cute cardigan! I have a few projects like that, I want to finish them, but they're so boring! :)

  2. This is a beautiful sweater cardi! I'm sure your aunt didn't mind waiting.

    I still have a Christmas gift project hanging over my head...for my husband. I'm hoping to finish it this week :(

  3. the sweater is beautiful, you have such patience and talent I'm sure your Aunt loves it.

  4. I just LOVE my sweater and the best thing about it is that I know it was knitted with lots of love (between all the aggravation, that is). I am so glad that I introduced you to knitting many years ago. Do you remember that?
    Yes, it was so worth the wait. Sorry about the size 5 needles:)


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