Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Outer Banks Vacation in (iphone) Pictures

Like the rest of my Outer Banks vacation, these photos are a little lazy. That's to say - they were all taken on my iphone. I took another camera, I swear! But when it came down to it, I just didn't use it much. 

I decided to post the best all in one huge entry - Enjoy!

road trip!

Meghan and I set off on Friday - sisterz road trip!

me & Meg - road trippin'

somewhere idyllic in Virginia

Extremely idyllic landscape in Virginia

crossing over the bridge to OBX

Crossing the bridge to OBX after two days of driving!

first day on the beach

Finally at the beach. 

mama on the beach

Mi mama. 


like father, like daugher


dad & bro

Look how hip my little brother is!

patriotic sound

the sound

small town parade

We attended the 4th of July parade in Duck, NC, which was adorable.

4th Parade

marching drums

Patrick flying a kite

hangin' in the pool

Currituck Lighthouse

Currituck Lighthouse

dad & patrick

top of the lighthouse

lighthouse man & dog

Lighthouse keeper & dog

hangin' at the top of the lighthouse

delicious dinner

No trip to the East Coast is complete without a lobster dinner. 

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  1. Looks like an all-around good time! I'm constantly amazed by the quality pictures that iPhones have - for blog posting and easy sharing, they're great!


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