Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vintage Glass - a collection

I've been meaning to photograph some of my collections for awhile now, so when Casey from Elegant Musings posted that she wanted to do a blog tour of collections, I immediately emailed her. Can you tell I'm motivated by others?

I present my installment of:

Hello class, I'm Katie, and this is my vintage glass collection:

closeup on the vintage glass

I started collecting vintage cut glass in 2005, and it all started with a green glass vase. I loved the color and the elegance, and I easily started a collection. It didn't hurt that there's a profusion of glassware in thrift stores. Six years later, I still check the glasswares section when I'm thrifting. 

Although it started with green glass, I quickly expanded to blue, gold and white - known as "milk glass." My collection is not mere decoration, though, I use it in every room in the house. Vintage glass makes great storage containers for craft materials, jewelry, cooking utensils - you name it, there's vintage glass to store it. I even store my button collection in vintage glass!

vintage glass in action

The humble beginnings of my glass collection in 2005 (taken with my first digital camera - oh, technology!):



  1. Absolutely lovely!!! I too use old glass for "keeping things." I also keep almost all glass jelly jars and Classico spaghetti mason jars...etc to put flowers in all around the house! :D

  2. Oh, I love your collection. I love glassware, dishes, etc. Love the way you use yours.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. this just made me smile. you are using vintage glass the way I use vintage silver! Isn't it WAY MORE FUN to store your Sharpies in something you love?

  4. What a lovely collection... and a useful one too!


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