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Monday, November 8, 2010

busy weekend...

This weekend I:

Alphonso & friends

Made a toadstool & his little buddies.

many owls (and three holly brooches)

Began the Christmas crafting in earnest. From top to bottom: Owl ornaments, brooches, magnets & holly brooches. How gross is my ironing board cover? Time to put this tutorial to good use!

new hair!

Got a new head of hair. It's for the show and it is much darker than I anticipated. Luckily, it makes my eyes look supernaturally blue, and Holly just posted this guide to keeping your very red hair very red!


  1. Those owl ornaments are adorable. So is your new red hair!

  2. What happened to my blonde baby?? I do like the red, even so!!

  3. Also, what did you make the toadstools out of? paperclay?

  4. I love the ornaments. Your felty stuff always looks so tidy and perfect.


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