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Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Giveaway!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! I had a deliciously huge meal with my friends, spent some time with my family, performed a few shows, and sewed a lot of ornaments

a huge pile of Christmas ornaments

To kick off the holiday frenzy, I would like to giveaway an ornament to a lucky reader - Whoohoo! You can see the available styles above and in my shop

To enter, just comment here with your favorite holiday tradition or memory and I'll pick one winner on Wednesday, December 1st!


  1. One year my dad raised a flock of turkeys through the fall to give away/sell come Thanksgiving and Christmas. He loved them, he would feed them delightful treats, they would follow him like an idolized God. He just thought it was the best. Then when it came time to, well, prep them for gifting (which meant killing them), he just didn't want to do it. So he put it off to the end of the optimum time, and then he put it off a week more, and then a week more until finally he realized they were getting kind of big and maybe he should just get it over with.

    Well, once he had them all cleaned and prepped to be wrapped and frozen, he realized there was a bit of a problem. The turkeys were HUGE. Like ridiculous huge. Like 35, 40, 45, 50 pounds. The largest one was over 60 pounds! Now that would seem like an awesome gift right. Until you tried to put it in your oven, which unless it happens to be hotel sized, it probably would have trouble fitting in a 30+ pound turkey.

    Not one to be daunted, my dad had an idea. He would just use a handsaw to carve off enough turkey to fit it in the oven and then sort of cover it back over with the skin. I came home one day to find my father in the midst of such a project with bandsaws and jigsaws and handsaws and some other tools and a frozen turkey carcass trying to make it turkeyish and small enough to fit in the oven. Later that day, he tried to convince my mother to cook and serve his turkey cube monstrosity, but I don't think she ever went for it. He did however try to cook it himself just to prove the viability of the project.

    I cannot eat a holiday turkey now without seeing this.

  2. Wednesday is my birthday, I hope it brings me luck! :)
    Ever since I moved out of my parents' house, my favourite holiday tradition has been creating new traditions of my own :) I love my family traditions, but these new ones give me a sense that I'm creating something special that I'll pass on to my children some day, and it will be something 'just mine'

  3. Christmas Cookies! Best Holiday Tradition For Me Ever!!

  4. Since I've been with Buck, I have acquired some traditions I love. We spend Christmas Eve with his mom and step dad and get into our PJ's early, watch 3 Christmas Movies (White Christmas, Elf and Die Hard), eat home made cookies, and finish wrapping the last of our presents. On Christmas morning, we all wake up at like 6:30am because we're all so excited. Even though we are 4 adults, we end up acting like kids. We take about 2 hours to open presents, drink coffee, eat orange cinn rolls for breakfast. In the afternoon, we drive up to my parent's house where my mom makes an insane meal, we hang out with my sisters and cousins and play games all night. Having just wrote all this out, I am dying to get home for the holidays!!!

  5. My favorite holiday tradition is listening to old pipe organ Xmas records on vinyl during Xmas day. They're the same records my parents played on Xmas morning when I was a kid. They give me that warm, fuzzy feeling inside :)

    christine at flappergirl dot org

  6. Ok ready? My favorite holiday memory is when I was little- I was playing in the CHristmas tree- and it fell on me and I was stuck underneath it and my mom walked in because I was yelling and just laughed at me, and then walked back out of the room. ahahahah.

  7. I have lots of favorite holiday traditions, but my top two are opening presents on Christmas Eve and eating Chinese food on Christmas day. Yum! Thanks!

  8. Every Christmas, my mom makes the thickest, most amazing pancakes ever. The past few years, I've been working so I haven't been able to go home for the holiday. So I've been trying my best to replicate them. I often fail, but it doesn't matter because I feel like I'm carrying on her tradition.

  9. I love our annual Christmas morning breakfast! My family did it when I was growing up and now I do the same with my husband! It is a very special time and I love it!

  10. My favorite christmas memory is every year making molasses crinkles with my mom while watching her favorite movie, "Christmas in Connecticut"

  11. Every year I get a Lego advent calendar. I used to get the girls one (princess or fairies) and my brothers would get the boys (pirates and police and cowboys oh my! :O) this tradition is now much improved as I get the boys lego!:P



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