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Monday, November 22, 2010

the weekend in numbers

Number of:

hats knit - 4

five hats

ornaments cut out - 53
ornaments sewn - 10

felt heart ornament

ornaments still to be sewn - 43

shows done - 5
glasses of opening night champagne drunk - 2

And He Flew Over the Forest
windows broken - 1

the broken window!

bricks used - 1

hours slept - not enough!


  1. Oh no Katie! Maybe it was one of your crazy blog readers who are obsessed with your adorable ornaments...but it wasn't me- I swear! Although I am obsessed with them...

  2. Well now I feel kind of lame for whining about the amount of hand sewing I did binding most of one of the two quilts I need to have bound before thanksgiving.

  3. This picture looks like we're three classic characters from classic literature who are completley lost and not in their own books and find themselves having to work together to figure things out. Like... Arwyn, Tigerlilly, and Willy Loman have to save the world.

  4. Kate - they threw the brick RIGHT into the craft room! Luckily it was padded by a huge pile of felt and nothing was hurt!

    Heather - It takes a while to work up to it - No crafty guilt!

    And Justin - that is totally awesome.

  5. Those hats look suuuper cute! I wish I could knit and put pretty colors together! I have Rihanna's umbrella song in my head now cuz of your blog name :D


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