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Saturday, January 15, 2011

a custom mounted owl

Before Christmas I was contacted by my good friend Allison, who wondered if it would be possible to buy a gift certificate for her cousin, Jen, for a custom mounted mustache. On Christmas eve I sent her the certificate with links to my work, saying that she could "pick anything!"

She wrote back to me and said that although she loved the mustaches, she loved the owls more, and would it be possible to make an owl that looks like her cat?

Of course...

a custom owl

I am so pleased with how he came out! I made him to look like her cat, "Owl," so of course I named him "Cat." He's a little bigger than the mustaches, and much bigger than any other owl I have ever made. 

And there's the adorable Jen and Owl. I think Owl & Cat will get along fine!

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