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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Meghan's hat & mittens

When my family came to visit for Thanksgiving, my sister wore a hat I knit her for her birthday in January 2009. I only had one measly WIP picture of the hat, and asked her to take some more of her modeling it.

She agreed, but told me, "I need some mittens to match!" I asked her what kind she wanted - gloves, mittens or fingerless gloves?

She responded that she would like the kind of mittens where the top folds over so they can be fingerless gloves. Otherwise known as the most difficult type of mittens. 

Meghan's Hat & Mittens

I started with a pattern that matched her hat - BonBons - and modified it. I made the cuff longer, closed the thumb and added the flap over the fingers. I winged it with the flap, picking up stitches on the back of the hand and using even decreases with the cable pattern. There's a loop at the top so they can button back to the wrist.

The hat, by the way, is the Slouchy Copy Cat and both are knit in Wool-Ease.

So it only took two years, but now she has a matching set!


  1. They both look great! The mittens are a complicated construction plus a somewhat complicated stitch pattern (well, definitely more so than stockinette), so for just winging it and having such a successful result, you should definitely give yourself plenty of credit!

  2. Thank you for the encouragement!

  3. Thank you for making me the most difficult type of mittens :) I just wanted to give you a challenge...And, as always, you succeeded! I love them!!


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