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Thursday, January 13, 2011

A little bit of sewing : the Anna Maria Horner scarf

So I mentioned last week that I was gifted the fabric to make one of Anna Maria Horner's Figure Eight Velveteen Scarves. The perks of reading the same blogs as your mom!

Anna posted instructions on how to make it here on her blog, and I sewed my scarf up on Saturday. It could not have been better timing, since we got 6" of snow on Tuesday.

sewn scarf

I love this scarf! The fabric is super soft and easy to work with, but because the velveteen is a bit heartier, it stands up to cover my face in the wind. This is a must in Chicago - I spend most of the winter walking around looking like this:

it stands up on its own!

Yeah... attractive. 

Speaking of being attractive in the winter... it always amazes me how guys will still check one out in the winter despite being covered by a giant, puffy, blue coat with a scarf wrapped around one's head. Just a little observation. 

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