Friday, January 13, 2012

I love... Pom Poms

piles of pom poms!

During one of my pre-holiday trips to Joann's, I stumbled upon a selection of Clover's Pom Pom Makers. Now, you should understand that my pre-holiday trips to Joann's are sad, depressing affairs. There's only one store in Chicago, and it is overrun with every single crafty person in Chicago, from crazy bargain scrap-bookers to intense home-sewists. Shopping there is not the peaceful retreat it was in the suburbs of Michigan. So I admit - I've made a few escapist purchases, and these pom pom makers fall into that category. 

Best. escapist. purchase. ever. 

I used every single yard of "scrap yarn" and every ball of fuzzy yarn in my stash and created fun holiday packaging. I made approximately three thousand pom poms in 2 hours! 

gifts with pom poms

Katie's tips for making excellent pom poms, while using up ugly stash yarn:

1. This is the time to use fun fur. It makes amazing pom poms.

2. If you have weird variegated yarns to use up, mix them with a coordinating solid yarn. This technique created this muppet pom pom:

muppet pom pom!

3. Mix different weights of yarn, who cares! 

4. Use a lot of yarn for a nice, full pom pom. 

5. Always dress your bunnies in pom poms:

crazy ears

Next on my pom pom to-do list: purchase this heart-shaped pom pom maker, and make a pom pom garland (like this and this)!

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  1. Pom poms are great!! aww the bunny looks so cute, now I will dress mine in pom poms too :)


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