Monday, January 16, 2012

a sister sweater

Meghan's Sweater

This Christmas, my sister, Meghan, requested a sweater. She is a sweetheart, though, and qualified the request with, "But I don't want to make you crazy like you were last year!" After making two sweaters last Christmas (for my mom and my great aunt), I was not eager to make any more. 

But she said it's ok if it takes a bit longer. So here it is, 6 days after her birthday, and about 25% done. I'm heavily modifying this pattern and knitting it with Knit Picks Andes del Campo in Vineyard Heather. It's gonna be one snuggly sweater coat!

And don't worry - I still gifted her Boy Meets World dvd's on Christmas Day. 


  1. I love people that request gifts like that! Sometimes I'm not too sure if they know what they're getting into when they say "No rush!" though...

  2. Oh, I knew what I was getting into. I am so excited to receive this sweater, I don't care if I get it in the middle of July or a year from now. It will be appreciated and loved either way! :) And, it is looking SO good!


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