Monday, January 9, 2012

Festive Short Row Sweater

glittery short row sweater

srs - the full back

I went a little crazy when I opened up my google reader in November and saw Purl Bee's Short Row Sweater. Yes, I was supposed to be knitting commissions, finishing up Christmas ornaments, and prepping for the holidays. But all I could think of was this gorgeously simple sweater!

I resisted its charm until Allyson started talking about it, and even picked out the perfect yarn for a Christmas sweater - Knit Picks' Stroll Glimmer. 90% reasonable fibers - 10% SPARKLE. It conveniently went on sale during black friday, and I ordered 3 skeins in Potion. 

I cast on between Christmas projects and ended up knitting most of it while I was home for the holidays. Nothing better than slogging through endless stocking stitch while watching Manor House and Downton Abbey

short row sweater from the front
What? It doesn't look sparkly? Blame the weirdly-sunny day for washing out these photos!

Back View

I finally finished on New Years Eve, and laid it out to block with hours until the celebrations. Because I knit this on size 6 needles, instead of the recommended size 5, with fingering weight yarn instead of sport, it grew a lot in length. I was worried that in addition to being cropped in the back, it would be cropped in the front. My worries were completely ridiculous - when wet, the sweater reached my thighs. So I did something wild - I threw it on the radiator, and it was dry in a few hours and ready for NYE karaoke. 

I knit the largest size - 40" bust - on size 6 needles and I almost ran out of yarn. Just a pithy handful left when I finished, and I took a row off the neckline and armhole ribbing. The one downside of knitting at such a loose gauge - it's totally transparent. I tried to wear it without a shirt underneath and you could see my brassier. Tacky. The good news is that it's loose and airy and looks great with a skirt or jeans. 

the leftovers
the tiny bit of leftover yarn

New Years Eve Outfit
how I wore it on NYE - tights & new boots

And I have to say: I've read a few comments online saying this sweater is only for "skinny" people. Dudes - I am not skinny. Because of the relaxed shape and fun back, this sweater is good for all shapes and sizes. Take it from a curvy girl. 


  1. Fantastic sweater and a gorgeous colour on you

  2. You look adorbs in it! And the last photo is positively sparkly! :)

  3. So awesome! I love it! Also, Zoey wore a similar sweater to that - in cream - on the 6th season of HIMYM and I've been pining for it ever since! Love that you paired it with those purple tights.

  4. well let me say, you look fabulously skinny in that sweater!! gorge as always :)

  5. Thanks, everyone, for the kind words!

  6. I love it! What a nice job. At first I thought you had it on backwards. I have to say that you look very slim. And I love the boots and skirt

  7. this looks gorgeous on you. i've had this sweater queued since the pattern was released, and cast on a while back... you've definitely inspired me to revisit. i want this in my wardrobe!


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