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Monday, December 19, 2011

Giveaway Winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway for The Road Bag! 

the road bag winner
Carmen, you'll get an email from me soon.

Thanks for all the sweet compliments on my "teddy bear" bag. It was fun to read all the entries - I had no idea that when I asked for crazy holiday stories, I'd get such a wide variety. Funny, touching, sad, awesome stories, with enough floods, fires, and bad weather to last a lifetime!

I wanted to share a few especially lovely and amusing comments:

"Craziest thing that ever happened to me was answering the phone at my grandparents house and having it be the cops. I thought they were calling about a noise violation (we were loud) but instead someone had dialed 911 nineteen times in fifteen minutes. Turns out my little cousin was dialing 911 repeatedly because my other cousin wasn't letting him jump on the bed when it was his turn. The cops showed up to his complete surprise and gave him a very stern talking to." - Christine G.

"When I was a young girl, our tree was so dry and mom was burning a candle well needless to say the tree caught fire! We were absolutely lucky that it had only burned the tree but we had the cutest little Charlie Brown Tree because it was so close to Christmas that there were no trees left!" - Living in LaLaLand 

"The craziest thing is perhaps something that happened today. My husband and I are both unemployed, and a dear internet friend instructed me to 'be home between four and eight' and delivered about $200 worth of groceries to us that she had ordered from WA. Pretty amazing, and I am in shock every time I walk through the kitchen to see how much food there is." - Dreaming Monet

"My house is always crazy during the Holidays! I remember a time where my dad decided to deep fry the turkey in the back yard. My sisters and I were upstairs... windows open, enjoying the nice weather- when all of a sudden this giant flame shoots up and practically singes our eyebrows off! Luckily, my dad was fine- can't say the same for the turkey." - Ann C.

"A couple years ago, one of my packages did not arrive by Christmas eve, as promised. I called customer service for the merchant and spoke with a very nice fellow in India, who, when I relayed my tale, exclaimed, "So now you have no presents under the Christmas tree? JESUS CHRIST!" I often wonder if that call was monitored." - flashingreds


  1. Oh bums! Will you make more of these bags? I think they're delightful. Also, how do you subscribe to this blog? I can't work it out :-P I use bloglovin but I'm a wordpress gal myself.

  2. I'm totally thrilled -- thank you so much again, Katie!


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