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Saturday, December 31, 2011

little red mitts

sew pretty!

I started the Christmas-knitting-season facing two garbage-sized bags of yarn. We had to move all textiles out of the house due to a bed bug infestation, and I finally realized just how much yarn I have. Kind of a shock for someone who considers herself a minimalist when it comes to stash, but I had been gifted yarn, bought pretty one-skeins, and saved the ends of projects. When we finally moved it all back inside, I dumped out those two bags and started matching patterns to yarn (none of it sweater quantity), vowing to knit and gift all of it. 

red mitts

These pretty mitts were the first thing I finished, and I couldn't help but keep them. The pattern is Susie's Reading Mitts, and has since disappeared from the internet. They were knit with one and a half skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca's Melange, and I cannot say enough about this yarn. It's the perfect blend of warm, soft, and silky. 

pretty mitts

The pattern has just enough interest (hello, picot edges!) and shows off the yarn perfectly. In short - I had to keep them. 

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  1. oh no, that's terrible about the bedbugs! it's big a huge problem in just about every city in north America, I think. Those red mitts are stunning- absolutely beuatiful!


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