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Thursday, December 29, 2011

a hat for the boy

Chris' turn-a-square hat

Chris' hat

When Chris and I started dating, I knit him the obligatory boyfriend hat, which he finally "lost" last year. As the weather turned cold, I promised to knit him a new hat, and he picked out Jared Flood's Turn A Square hat (rav link). The boy's got good taste in patterns!

Chris' hat - layin' out

I used up some left over Eco Wool from my Owls Sweater, and the light stripes are a mystery worsted weight yarn. I followed the pattern exactly, and even learned how to make jog-less stripes. Overall a stash-busting, new technique-learning success! 

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  1. It looks really good! I have to make up my boyfriends third boyfriend hat... the first got accidentally burnt (it was really bad anyway) the second is almost 2 years old and worn out because I used cheap-o yarn, and I HAVE the yarn picked out! Just... so much other knitting to do...


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