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Friday, June 8, 2012

A Sister Road Trip Across America - Part 2

As you may know, at the end of January I drove cross-country with my sister, Meghan. We had a lot of fun, and took a lot of awesome pictures, and I've been wanting to share mine with you, but to be perfectly honest, her's are better. She's put together a few posts with some of her best, most amazing pictures from our journey and a few fun realizations. This is Part 2, read Part 1 here

Part 2: Tourist Attractions


Before departing on our westward journey, Katie planned stops at various tourist attractions located on our route. We wanted to see "traditional" attractions that would give us a taste of our surroundings and still allow us to make it to California in the time we had allotted. Let's face it, some of the stops sounded completely silly and ridiculous, but also entertaining and fun. Although we accidentally surpassed the World's Largest Ball of Stamps (oops!), Katie and I made plenty of stops that made our trip worthwhile, and happily added to our souvenir penny collections along the way. This assortment of tourist attraction photographs comes from my camera and my iPhone. 

Largest Rest Stop

Don't underestimate the quality of iPhone photos! It can be really fun to play with different apps to give your photos interesting effects and character.

Our first tourist stop was the World's Largest Truck Stop. While driving up to the stop we didn't think it looked very exciting. Actually, we almost passed it. I mean, we have seen many-a-rest-stop in our day and this one didn't look any different.

Meghan in Iowa

But after 2 Orange Julius' (my FIRST, can you belive it?!), 1 pair of moccasins for Katie, and about 30 minutes time, we were very happy we didn't miss the exit. Yes, we may have been the only non-truckers wandering through the aisles of spirit animal T-shirts and auto parts, but Katie and I (and Katie's feet) were glad we stopped.

Katie at the Time Capsule

Our second stop was at the World's Largest Time Capsule. We almost gave up on finding this attraction. In the small town of Seward, Nebraska, we wandered around trying to find the capsule for what seemed like forever, until finally we located the white sculpture-like capsules on a residential street. 

Time Capsule Plaque

There really wasn't much to see, just two plaques listing the capsules' contents. So, naturally, we took the opportunity to photograph each other holding up peace signs and modeling like professionals. Admit it, Katie makes that time capsule look good. 

Check out this leg!

There was also an interesting old building/store right behind the time capsule, so I squeezed in a little photo session using a toy lens my sister-in-law gave me (the fuzzy/antique style photo of Katie and her boyfriend is an example of what this lens does). 

Katie & her BF

Old, rusty, weathered objects are some of my favorite subjects to photograph. I love capturing the beautiful and interesting within the aged and weathered.

Buried Car

Looking back, I find it pretty amazing that all of those things fit in the capsules--some 5,000 relics, including a couple of cars. Who wants to go back for the opening in 2025?

TO BE CONTINUED...Stay tuned for more tourist attractions next week, including our favorite!

xo Meghan

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