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Saturday, June 23, 2012

this week in Instagrams

Whew - this week has flown by. Yesterday was a travel day, and I'm home in Michigan now. I'm heading to a wedding tonight, and looking forward to a week of fun & relaxation! 

mmmm burgers fruity froyo
1. I've been totally obsessed with burgers lately. 2. ...and froyo with mini gummi bears.

soak box workin' my lace striped sweater
3. I got my soakbox! 4. Working on my lace stripes sweater at the airport. 

walking right up to the plane flying over the rockies
5. In Burbank, you walk up to the plane like it's 1954. 6. Flying over the Rockies.


  1. What color was the nail polish in your Soakbox? I want to see if my guess was right!

    1. It's Mink Muffs! Which is great, because I hadn't seen that color in any stores near me. It's quite pretty on - almost a hint of purple?


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