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Monday, September 12, 2011

weekend in numbers

Number of:

daisy stitch handwarmers

impulse projects started - 1
plays seen - 1
rehearsals for Dumb Angel - 2

Germanfest parade

parades watched from my dining room - 1
marching bands in parade - 3
bottles of wine shared - 1

Sweatshop of Love yarn brooch

yarn brooches made - 21
special Sweatshop of Love brooches made - 2
episodes of Weeds watched while sewing - 10


Renegade Craft Fairs attended - 1
hours spent sweating at said fair - 2
people who ran directly into me at said fair - 6827


  1. I wonder if we passed each other unknowingly at Renegade. I was there from around 2-3pm on Saturday. Saw those brooches at Allyson's booth!

    I've watched a lot of Weeds while sewing. Sewing + movies/tv on my laptop = happiness.

    What's your impulse project?

  2. RIGHT?! Girl, you're telling me. I'm still sweaty and I've showered like 12598157510 times. GAH!

    Have I mentioned how much I love my broach?! Love. Love love love! Thanks again so much for making me a special one!


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