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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Colette Pattern's Macaron Dress - Blue or Pink?

Awhile ago, I ordered two Colette patterns - Macaron & Parfait. I sewed up the Parfait dress over a year ago, and it's been worn quite a bit, but the Macaron pattern has languished, unmade. Until now - last week I mentioned to my friend Erica that I was considering sewing up a dress to wear to her wedding, to which she dubiously responded, "Katie, my wedding is in TWO WEEKS." Sounds like a challenge to me! 

I chose a beautiful, soft velvet in a dark blue for the main color of the dress. I think it will make a nice late Autumn, early Winter dress. Now I've always envisioned my Macaron having a transparent yolk, and after visiting the fabric store, I chose some lovely scalloped edge lace. But here's the problem - I can't decide which color to use.

blue velvet with pink lace?

Blue velvet with hot pink lace. 

blue velvet with blue lace?

Or blue velvet with matching blue lace. 

I'm tempted to make up both versions and see which looks best on me! What do you think - blue or pink?


  1. I vote pink! It stands out more and will make a better contrast.

  2. My immediate thought is blue, but I've seen photos of you and I definitely think that you can pull off pink! Not many people can! (Me being one of them...) So my vote is pink!

  3. I voted blue via twitter because I think that dress would have more longevity and could be brighted up with accessories.

  4. I LOVE pink, but something about the blues makes me think it would be more elegant. But yer so purty that no matter what you put on, you look HOT! So go with your gut!

  5. Blue! It'll be more understated but elegant and you can dress it up with accessories. Then people will be looking at how gorgeous the pattern/construction is and how pretty you look in it instead of just seeing PINK.


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