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Monday, September 19, 2011

the weekend in numbers

Number of:

musician rehearsal

Rehearsals for Dumb Angel - 2
Times I cried (from awesomeness) in rehearsal - 2
Dinners with good friends who live in the suburbs - 2

brooches in progress

Brooches cut out -  65
Brooches sewn - 11
Episodes of Lost watched (for the first time!) - 5

the Beach Boys at karaoke

Birthday celebrations - 1
Songs sang at karaoke - 1
Bottles of wine shared - 2
Songs sang by my "Beach Boys" (above) at karaoke - 1

ps. Today is my birthday, and we celebrated a bit on Saturday. This morning I woke up earlier than I have in the past 3 months, so it looks like 28 is a responsible year. 

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  1. Happy Birthday! And, I think you will totally love Lost! :P


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