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Friday, September 30, 2011

Behind the Scenes at the Saline Harvest of the Arts

at the booth

Last Saturday, after Lizz's wedding, I set up my red tent at the Saline Harvest of the Arts. Chris and I stayed up late on Friday for wedding fun, so Saturday morning was pretty rough. To top it off, it was freezing, I couldn't find any of the warm clothes I packed, and I forgot part of my display in Chicago. 

I won! ... honorable mention

Things started to turn around when I was awarded a ribbon for Honorable Mention for Best Display, despite forgetting part of it! I love putting together my display, so I was quite proud. 

behind the scenes at the craft show

Here's a look behind the table. I like to have everything laid out and ready to go, so when there's a sale, the customer doesn't have to wait. This works really well when I have a booth space, but I got a little apron for my next indoor fair. 

booth buddy!

And the best booth assistant. Chris is so friendly and outgoing; he was chatting up all the old farmers in Saline. I am so lucky to have him and my family around to help with running my booth. 


  1. So cute I love it. You made me think about my booth and how uncute it is. I think me and my sister need to do some planning.

  2. I'm with the above commenter--our booth needs some pizzaz as well. We have a really basic set-up, but I think our first step is banner, second step is proper displays.

    Also, I see you have a square reader. Tell me more! We were considering getting one, but I want more information.


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