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Saturday, October 29, 2011

steppin' out of my comfort zone with a Habu Textiles scarf

I had never heard of Habu Textiles until my friend, Susan, asked me to attend a workshop with her in August. There were tons of samples and they talked through reading a Japanese schematic pattern, and my interest was surprisingly piqued. You know me, I'm usually drawn to thick, cable-y sweaters - not light, airy Japanese designs! 

Habu scarf

But I couldn't help but be drawn to the skinny cones of merino wool and silk stainless steel. What strange fibers to knit with! What tiny needles I'd need!

I bought a kit, simply named "Kit 78." Through a little Ravelry research, I discovered that the pattern is the Kusha Kusha Scarf, which was also published on the Purl Bee. 

Habu scarf close up

So that, my friends, is my excuse for knitting an entire scarf in stockinette. 


  1. Whoa - very weird. I don't know, seems silly to me... but I bet when it's finished, it's really light and beautiful... the jury's still out for me!

  2. I actually prefer thinner/looser knits and was planning one with all my new yarn :) I bet yours will be awesome!

  3. Hahaha - Alyssa, you crack me up!

    And yes, izzy, I think it'll be awesome!


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