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Sunday, October 2, 2011

the weekend in numbers

Number of:

new brooch!

brooches left to sew: 0!
new designs: 5
seasons of Six Feet Under watched while sewing: 1

starting the dress

dresses planned, shopped for, and started: 1
dresses that went terribly, horribly wrong: 1
dresses I ran to the mall for, in a panic: 1 
(it's one from Banana Republic "Mad Men" line!)

mad men dress

weddings attended: 1
dances danced: 72933293
baskets of late-night kettle corn consumed: 2


  1. OMG! I love that fox brooch! *swoon*

  2. Omg! When I have horrible days (like today) and come home hating my job, I sit down and read your blog posts and just get jealous ;P I love the fox brooch

  3. I totally almost got that dress. Good to know I can now just borrow it from you, you know, if you wouldn't mind. ;)

  4. That dress is HOT! What to hot it out, girl!


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