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Friday, August 10, 2012

Instagram Wall (with a bit of a How-To, DIY type thing)

It should be no secret that I love Instagrams at this point, right? Last year I printed a few Tinybooks, but  I wanted a bigger way to display photos around my house. Enter Persnickety Prints.

my instagram wall

Persnickety Prints has a ton of options for printing Instagrams. I went with 3"x3" matte prints and got 144 of them. 

Now, if I were to do this again, I would have just bought 20" square canvas and called it a day. But I like to work with what I have, and what I had were wood frames from Ikea, which they don't even sell anymore. The idea was that you could mount whatever pretty fabric you had on hand and it's like instant art. But I bought them two (or more?) years ago on a whim, and they had yet to be used, so this seemed perfect. 

But if you want to do this, you should just buy 20" canvases.

instagram wall


- Four 20" square canvases
- 144 3"x3" prints
- Glue gun
- Nails or screws for hanging on the wall

"dining room"

Step 1: Have canvases, and don't spend an hour and a half mounting plain muslin on your dumb Ikea frames like I did.

Step 2: Lay out your photos in a pleasing manner.

Step 3: Use the glue gun to glue them to the canvas. I did one line of glue across the top and one line of glue across the bottom and then pressed down with my fingers until it was cool. Let it cool completely. 

Step 4: Hang your canvases on the wall in a huge square. 

close up on instagrams

You may be thinking, "But Katie, won't the glue gun be slightly impermanent?" I actually intend to trade out my photos as time progresses, replacing some less-cool photos (like that one of me in an old-lady visor, above) with more-cool photos as I take them. If you want a more permanent piece of art, use E-6000, and it will be totally, completely permanent. In that case, let it dry overnight before hanging.

Let me know if you try it!


  1. Dude. Old lady visors are awesome!

    1. Best comment ever! Thank you for validating my old lady visor. My sister mostly just makes fun of it.

  2. LOVE it!!! Thanks, gal!! Cannot wait to try this :D

    1. Yay! I cannot wait to see your's!

  3. What??? I do not remember making fun of your old lady visor!...But, I probably did, just so I could dub you the "maiden aunt."
    I love you and your visor. :)

  4. Hhahahah, yeah, it was more making fun of the whole "Maiden Aunt" look.

  5. this is such an awesome display!! I love how you used so many canvases - such a cool way to display a bunch of your Instagram photos all at once!


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