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Saturday, August 25, 2012

This week in Instagrams (and a video)

I'm pretty obsessed with this song. The album comes out on September 10th, and you can be sure I'll be getting it.

This week has been pretty busy - the cafe I work at is closing, so it's been packed every night. Lots of running around and sweating, but that means more free time next week! In general, I'm trying to use my time better, and I think this will only help. Here's to organization! 

beer float le bun
1. I may have a history of making terrible floats with alcohol, but this beer float from The Federal was amazing. 2. Devious bun is loving the cooler temperatures! 

gallery wall working & bun
3. The apartment is coming together, including the "Art Gallery" on one wall. 4. Chris is a master multi-tasker. 

zippers pretty KP yarn
5. Putting the finishing touches on my Holla Knits accessory design. 6. Some gorgeous Knit Picks yarn.


  1. I love that song, too! I like the color scheme of the zippers side by side. :)

    1. Me too! I wanted to make a zipper purse!

  2. Beer float? *Beer float?* Oh god. No.

    1. Hhahaha, that's what I thought! But it was delicious!


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