Friday, August 31, 2012

Soakbox Mitts, finished.

When I saw the new Soakbox mitt kit - Soak, lotion, yarn and matching nail polish - I totally fell in love. It was like Soak designed a product JUST for me! 

soak mitts

I decided on the Cuff Au Lait kit, which looked brown online, but wasn't completely sold on the pattern that came with the kit. I didn't know if I liked the fold over cuff, so I started looking around for another suitable pattern. 

But then, when the kit arrived (a bit more purple-y than advertised), I began to reconsider the pattern. It's kind of the classic, the fold over cuff, right? And I certainly don't have anything else like this in my (large) collection of fingerless mitts. 

soak mitts 2

The yarn is a dream, so I'm totally into them. The pattern is interesting; there's a bit after you join where you flip the whole thing inside out. 

I did make one small modification - the pattern suggests making two matching mitts, but I made them mirror images by layering them opposite when joining in the round. It turned out perfectly, and they're lovely!


  1. Great modification! I love the matching yarn and nail polish.

  2. They're super cute! I'm lusting after the Lace Kelly Soakbox. What is the name of the polish that came with it?

    1. Ooo, girl, go for it! The polish is Mink Muffs.


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