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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Instagrams from the last week (or three.)

Garage Sale find 
1. I went to three garage sales last weekend and only came away with this tray.

This week I'd like to ponder the following: How do you feel about sharing pictures of food on social media? Before Instagram & smart phones, I found the idea totally repulsive. Probably because it's super annoying when someone updates a Facebook status or Tweets about something boring they just ate. I could not care less that you "Just ate some spaghetti-o's."

However, in the past few years I've become quite the foodie, and I love learning new recipes and trying new restaurants. So when someone posts a picture of their amazing dinner, I love it. I want to know more! 

Hopefully you do, too...

Griddle #1 Iz at Griddle
2. & 3. I went to The Griddle Cafe twice this week. Once with friends from out of town, once with Izabelle. Serious pancake/french toast/waffle love. 

Orla at the check out essential shopping
4. Orla Kiely soap at Target. I'm a total sucker for stuff like this. 5. Essential shopping at Trader Joe's.

Sharpies for fabric new project
6. New Sharpie fabric markers. 7. ... and my first project with them. The pillow is from Ikea. 

Liquore store pretty shops
8. The liquor store where Cher gets held up in Clueless is just a few blocks from work. 9. Cute shops in  Atwater Village.

Holla Knits in progress! perfect swatch
10. & 11. My design for the Holla Knits Accessories Issue in progress. 

tiny grilled cheese banana ice cream
12. Mini grilled cheese from roasted garlic bread. Totally addictive. 13. One-ingredient banana ice cream with Nutella mixed in. 

Lobsta rolls fried chicken and bubble tea
14. Lobster & crab rolls from the Lobsta Truck. 15. Food truck festival! The Mighty Boba Truck, Buttermilk Truck, and Gourmet Genie


  1. Those mini grilled cheeses look amazing. Also, those pancakes are still good the next day haha.

    1. Yes! I totally believe it. I was wishing for waffle leftovers this morning..,

  2. It's funny how the internet can slowly (or not so slowly) change our opinion of somehing, because we suddenly see it all the time! I love photos on twitter of really beautifully plated food, or lovely looking trats, but not just general food- and things that are mostly saucy (like chili or pasta with tomato sauce) generaly don't photograph well, no matter how delicious. I love your new plate, that is a total steal at ten cents!

  3. I love food porn! Nothing gets me more excited that a picture of something yummy and usually super fattening :)
    Those mini grilled cheese looks amazing!
    WW Link Party Member

    1. Thanks! So glad to hear you love foodie pictures as much as I do!


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